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Waterford, Ireland
photo via candance
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In the 12th-century Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon, the unicorn is represented as a female; it is attracted by the perfume released when a virgin exposes her nipple, and falls asleep by her side…
For centuries, Vikings trading in Europe sold narwhal tusk as unicorn horn. It was believed to possess the magic properties of neutralising poisons and curing melancholy, and fetched a price by weight higher than gold.
The eternal fascination of unicorns | Germaine Greer | Art and design | The Guardian
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Arthur Rackham, The Fairies of the Serpentine,1906. 
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rebel6:by Ryan Mullins
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Dreaming is wonderful, but I want to be surrounded by those who wake, and do.

罪人 + 情人
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Moonlit Night, Franz Skarbina